Power Filter


  • XF series products is a model of high-quality power conditioners, which solves the problems of impure tone and messy sound and pictures caused by the noise in electronic network during the working process of the audio equipments.
  • This unit adopts the multilevel bidirectional exact filtering network which is made up of high-quality capacitor and inductance.
  • The XF1000ES provides 8 outlets for variety of devices. Besides, it also adds a new function of AC power phase detecting and adjusting.
  • The user can correct the connections of live line and zero line according to the phase detecting result.
  • This is very satisfying especially for those experienced audiophiles who have extremely high requirements on the sound quality and can not bear any noise on the power supply



XF 1000 ES


Max Spike Volt 3000 V
Max clamping ( 8 x 20s ) 470V
Max Surge Current ( 8 x 20s) 1000 A
Noise Filter -10 dB  ~ 55 dB (2 ~ 100 MHz)
Rating AC 250 V 10 A Max
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