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Martin Roland new 2.1 Multimedia Speaker with bluetooth

FEILEP new Ceiling Speaker HD 34

EAMA new Ceiling Speaker DML 29

DMP PLB 113S / M instock now

Cayin MM1 audio system FM & Headphone

Martin Roland MAU 12 new PA system 12" woofer

LA AUDIO new A 60R with remote silver look

Martin Roland  OVC 3850 new look.

Scandyna  SA 770II upgraded with USB/SD and playback controls

Martin Roland  new Digital Media Player and Recorder

Martin Ranger  New Amplifier with USB recording,playback,delete

MISTRAL  New SPEAKER LS3/5A, Amplifier DT307B added Bluetooth feature

ETKG  new AV Rack and new design Speaker Stand

Amari  LP10,12 turntable fine craftsmanship

Premier  PDVD 9580,9890 with new software support rmvb playback and mp4

Martin Roland  Cordless Microphone, Using USB interface to charge Handheld, 3 new models

Premier  DVD player 3 new Design

AudioSpec Restock of SPD 2190

ScandynaSA 9000 restock, and Adding Playback Buttons for SA 9001 SUB

Martin RolandMSW 913, Active Subwoofer 12".

MistralDual Woofer Active Subwoofer 12".

BrateckKS103 Audio And Video Rack, G04-12 Audio And Video Rack.

LedtekLDA11-223 Wall Arm Bracket, KL16-22T Wall Bracket.

Audio SpecSPD 721 now with 10G and 50 Meters

Martin RolandNew MAU 1010 L now come with running LED

Martin Ranger restock of Puresound 22.

Precision Audio at Roxy Square has Moved to Adelphi B1-37. Naming it Ban Leong Audio Emotion.

Martin Roland new products Wireless Microphone, Recharging and non Recharging MRV 710R & MRV 700

Rodek new products Slim Roof Mount Monitors RM 9008 and new 12" Roof Mount RM1202

Xindak new products visit its main website. and Customize socket Power Filter XF 1000 ES and XF 2000 E

Mistral New Series of Products, Speaker Cable,Power Cord and AV receiver.

LA AUDIO   new A502 ,A600 Speakers, PRO 2 Tube CD player, A60, M1,M2,M3,M5 Tube Amplifier

Premier   new 7" portable DVD player now come with MP3/WMA ready

Martin Roland  new Professional Speaker MPS 152 Turbo, with tri-color status LED, will change color according to BEAT

Rodek   new LED lights, Candle,Screws, Spot,Downlight and Bulb.

Premier   new 9" portable DVD player now come with MP3/WMA ready

Mistral   new Hybrid Amplifier TUBE & TRANSISTOR with MINI SAG 350 speakers newly launch

Party Mix   new USB sound Card with Reverb and Echo Recording function. Sing like a star.

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