• E 27 AC 220V x 6 port
  • E 14 AC 220V x 4 port
  • MR 16 - DC 12V x 2 port
  • 24" TUBE Port
  • Dimmer Control 0~5
  • Power Bay Meter x 2
  • DC Voltage Meter(V)
  • Current Meter (A)





Power Bay Specification  
Measurement of active energy, electricity when the red light flashes
large-screen LCD
Backlight: pure green, (industrial grade) is the key light for 10 minutes
Show the voltage, current, power, frequency, etc.
Cumulative power: load power can be cumulative
Stop button to achieve the Stop power-saving
Clear button can be re-measurement of power cleared
Wheels of button keys round of significant
Timed trip
Overload trip
Can be customized according to user needs
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