• Multi-conductor geometry our patented geometry provides low impedance for maximum a/c flow, and linearity throughout the audio frequency range.
  • High mechanical integrity cordage construction our MA Designed construction enhances image clarity and focus in the soundstage through resonance control.
  • Shielding to prevent RFI shielding also contains EMI which is generated by the current flow within the cord distortion itself. EMI can cause distortion in other nearby cables interconnect and speaker cables.
  • Anti-Resonant, RFI Shielding aluminum chassis Its unique shape is designed for maximum rigidity, yet its constantly varying material thickness provides a high level of internal damping. Aluminum is a superior chassis material do to its non-magnetic and shielding properties.
  • Custom Designed Multi-Conductor Internal Wiring The custom shielded cabling is designed to perfectly match the electrical properties of the power cord.
  • MA Line filter and MA Cable products feature compacted strand technology conductors are constructed from compacted strands, which allow the conductor to perform much like a solid conductor, yet have the strength and flexibility of a stranded conductor.
  • Monitor Acoustics incorporates Proprietary connector components and termination process for ultra-low contact resistance and resonance control.  Linearity and resolution are also enhanced.
  • High performance outlets These triple-wipe outlets were chosen for their combination of superior electrical conductivity and mechanical integrity.
  • Enhanced Video Performance Improved sharpness, contrast and color saturation make images appear more realistic.
  • Improved Dynamics from percussion, to brass to strings, to vocals, macro-dynamics are significantly improved
  • Extended range at both frequency extremes; i.e. deeper bass and more extended treble.
  • Greater focus including tighter bass and more specific image location within the soundstage.
  • Greater Resolution low level information such as room acoustics are more apparent and micro-dynamics are rendered more natural.



MA 1000


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