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By any standards, the Radius 360 is a remarkable product. This super-compact subwoofer has the speed, subtlety and pitch accuracy to enhance the highest quality music reproduction but can also deliver the power and slam demanded by movie soundtracks by virtue of its downward-firing 8-inch driver, controlled by a powerful built in 100 watt amplifier.
The Radius's weight and solidity believe its svelte dimensions, which are so vanishingly compact  that the R360 can remain unobtrusive where you place it.





Radius 360


Frequency Response 27 Hz ~ 180 Hz
Power Output (R.M.S) 100 W @ 4Ω
Bass Alignment HiVe™ Slot ported
Drive unit complement Bass 1 x 203mm(8") Ultra long-throw sub bass driver. Hand treated paper cone woofer.
External Dimensions (cm) 32.5 H x 22.5 W x 32 D
External Dimensions (inch) 12H x 8 W x 12 D
Individual Weight (Kg) 13.9
Individual Weight (lb) 30½ lb
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