Active Subwoofer



The MRW-10 subwoofer uses a 10" MMP® II driver and 100 Watt Class-D power amplifier, devised in tandem to provide superior standards of control, speed and punch. Featuring a fully integrated switch mode power supply complete with an auto-ranging voltage input, the amplifier adds grip and clean bass delivery below 30 Hz.




Monitor Reference W 10


Low Frequency Limit 28 Hz
Upper Frequency Limit 45 ~ 150 Hz Variable
Low Pass Filter Alignment 12 dB/ octave filter
Cabinet Alignment Bass reflex, 18mm  construction
Amplifier output 100 watts
Driver Complement 1 x 10" Long throw driver
Input Impedance 20 KΩ
Main Input Voltage 110 ~ 120 Vac
  220 ~ 240 Vac (Factory preset)
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