Pure Sound 55 Recording
600W Professional Digital Mixing Karaoke Amplifier
with MP3 Recorder and Player

The unique design of PS-55 Recording digital karaoke amplifier is its built-in MP3 recorder and player module. Now you can digitally record all of your performances in MP3 format using the PS-55 Recording Mixing Amplifier. Whether you are singing, speaking or playing instruments, you can record your performances to the USB and forever preserve your best performance for you or your singers. You can play the recorded MP3 track on your PC, on the amplifier, or post it online!

The PS-55 Recording has two complete, independent, and advanced digital echo processing circuits. When two singers with different compasses sing simultaneously, Digital echo will offer different echo effects to fit the timbres of the singers. This system fully develops the feature of True Stereo Echo Karaoke.

There are two microphones respectively offer the function of adjusting echo effects. In addition, Echo tone offers the function of beautifying the sound range of the singer, making perfect sound range and ending sound. This system help the singer enjoy enormously the delight of singing and express emotions.

With the 600W output power, high currency capacity of the power filter circuit, the set offers solid power, high-quality timbres, making clear, smooth, and sound-surround music. In addition, with the advanced Echo and Music Mixed Circuit System, the set offers high sensitivity of the echo effect, clearness of the sound. The lowest signal noise ratio guarantees natural, clear sound effects. These systems help the singer sing with great ease.

The PS-55 Recording is equipped with advanced Channel Heatsink-Blow System and Overheat Protecting, which guarantee the lowest noise ratio. In addition, the set is equipped with Overload Protection, and Short-circuit Protection. These systems offer protective functions.

The PS-55 Recording offers 2 systems Echo Mixing microphone inputs and 1 Direct Tone Circuit microphone input for professional DJ/KJ. Besides, the set is equipped with Video Switching, and Multiplex (Auto singing mate / Vocal cancel) function. Above all, the set is equipped with unique Super Bass frequency extension mode selection, which produces different frequency effects matched to the music broadcasted. The multi-function set offers family entertainment and fits commercial Karaoke or various Karaoke occasions.



  • Supports recording function to let you can record your vocal and background music into the USB/SD card in MP3 format while you are singing
  • Build-in USB/SD drive MP3 player with direct track access
  • Max Power Output : 600W
  • Total four Input Selections : USB/DVD/KOD/AUX
  • Built-in USB MP3 Recorder and Player
  • Recording: Singing, Speech and conference.
  • Master Music Volume Control
  • Music Bass, Mid-range and Treble Adjustment
  • Master Microphone Volume Control
  • Individual Microphone Volume Control
  • Microphone Echo Volume, Repeat and Delay Control
  • Microphone Bass, Mid-range and Treble Adjustment
  • With Overload Protection, and Short-circuit Protection
  • 4 Pairs of Banana Speaker Terminals(2 Left+2 Right)
  • 2 Front & 2 Rear 1/4" Microphone Inputs
  • 2 RCA Video Outputs
  • 11 Steps Key Controls
  • 4 Microphone available simultaneously
  • Full function Remote control




Audio output max 600 W
Mic input sensitivity 15mV
External devices sensitivity 250 mV
Signal / Noise Ratio 90 dB (with IHF A Filter)
T.H.D.(1 KHz AUX 150mV INPUT) 0.1%
Frequency Response 25 Hz ~ 20 KHz
Mic. Tone adjustment 80 Hz ± 15 dB
  3.5 KHz ± 8 dB
  12 KHz ± 15 dB
Echo Tone adjustment 80 Hz ± 15 dB
  12 KHz ± 15 dB
Power Source AC 110 V / 60 Hz
  AC 230 V / 50 Hz
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