DYNAVOICE - Most speakers are designed under ideal conditions, often in specially-designed ljudrum. Here also measured frequency curves and faskurvor. Costly measurement and advanced hi-fi amplifier helps to make perfect measurements. We at Dynavoice begins with the construction of our new speakers in the same proportion



Challenge F3 Cherry / Rosewood


Power handling Front 120 W
Power handling Rear 100 W
Power handling Centre 100 W
Construction Sealed Enclosure
Treble: 1-inch
Midrange: Front: 3-inch
Bass / midrange: Center: 2 x 3-inch
Surround: 2 x 3-inch
Bass: Front: 2 x 3-inch
 Impedance: 4-6 ohms
Frequency range 100 Hz -25 kHz (-3 dB)
75 Hz - 32 kHz (-6 dB)
Crossover frequency: 4 kHz)
Sensitivity: 88 dB, 86 dB, 86 dB
RMS Power: 47 W, 40 W, 40 W
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