Transistor Amplifier


Copland Aiming to meet the uncompromising expectations of our users all over the world, we continuously strive to develop and improve the well-known build quality and finish of the COPLAND range of audio products.

Designing audio equipment presents us with an integral paradox: How to scientifically approach an audio system that is to perform as a medium of art. As with other art forms, our perception and appreciation of music would seem to defy logical classifications and structural thinking, and
yet, these are scientific principles that an audio designer must use as a basis for evaluating
sound quality.

The audio designer is a performer of science and craftsmanship: However, his work must be carried out with artistic devotion and commitment. This pursuit of excellence is at the centre of the COPLAND design philosophy, and we are convinced that you will discover our commit-
ment to it, when you experience your favourite music through COPLAND equipment.





Output Power 2 x 60 W
Line Input Impedance 25 K Ω
Line Sensitivity 92 mV
Power Bandwidth 5 Hz ~ 30 Hz - 3dB
Frequency Response 5 Hz ~ 120 Hz - 3dB
Harmonic distortion Better than 0.1 %
Hum and noise Better than 90 dB
Phase Non inverting
Grounding Separated grounding on power supply. Signal/Chassis connected to signal ground
Power Consumption 250 Watts
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