2 Channel Amplifier



  • PCX amplifiers utilize a versatile combination of features like fully variable
    TC-X crossovers, QBASS equalization and the all-new Advanced
    instrumentation Input. These technologies have trickled down from
    nearly 20 years worth of engineering expertise, from the days of the
    2350DM, to the uncomparable 2500F1. New PCX amplifiers deliver the
    ultimate in performance, raw power and sonic purity.



PCX 250

PCX 280


Power Rating 4Ω 50 W x 2 80  W x 2
Power Rating 2Ω 100  W x 2 160  W x 2
Power Bridged 4Ω 200 W x 1 320 W x 1
Power Guage 8 8
THD 0.02% 0.02%
S/N Ratio >110dB 110dB
Frequency Response 4.5-100KHz 4.5-100KHz
I/P SENS 0.15-12V 0.15-12V
Damping >500 >500
QBass Equalizer QBass QBass
Dimension (WxDxH) 9.75 x 10"x 2.375" 11.75"x10"x2.375"
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