2 Channel Amplifier



  • First year of production have established seven new SPL world records
     in 1997 and won numerous design and engineering awards.
    POWERCLASS amplifiers combine unmatched power flexibilit and
    reliability in PPI's most comlete line of Absolutely State of art
    Mobile Audio products



PC 2300.2

PC 4800.2


Power Rating 4Ω 75 W x 2 200  W x 2
Power Rating 2Ω 150  W x 2 400  W x 2
Power Bridged 4Ω 300 W x 1 800 W x 1
THD 0.02% 0.02%
S/N Ratio 110dB 110dB
Frequency Response 4.5-100KHz 4.5-100KHz
I/P SENS 0.15-12V 0.15-12V
Damping >500 >500
QBass Equalizer QBass Plus QBass Plus
X/O Slope 25dB/OCT 25dB/OCT
X/O Freq. 90 Hz 90 Hz
X/O type 2 way 2 way
Fan Yes Yes
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