Single Coil



  • C2's exclusive selection of large motor structure, large voice coil and
    very stiff double stepped cone for added rigidity.
  • A tall top plate and a tight gap ensure increased control of the subwoofer
  • C2 subwoofers are perfect choice for small sealed high-powered applications,
     as well as performing very well in ported and bandpass enclosures.



PC 104 C2


SubWoofer Size 10"
Power Handling 300W
Voice Coil Diameter 2"
Voice coil type 4 layer kapton
Resonant frequency 25.24Hz
Qts-Total Damping 0.38
VAS Equivalent
Compliance Volume
68.14 Liter 2.4 Cu.ft.
DC resistance of V.C 3.6 Ω
Sensitivity SPL @ 1W 89.64 dB
X-Max / Linear Excursion 9.97 mm
Peak to Peak Excursion 17.25 mm
BI Magnet Product 11.74 TM
Diaphragm Material Carbon poly
Basket Material Steel
Net Weight 8.68 lb
Mounting Diameter 9.25" DA
Outer Diameter 10.07"
Mounting Depth 4.8"
Speaker displacement 0.65 cu.ft.
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